Norris Collaborates with YouTube Star for Next-Level Project

McLaren driver Lando Norris‘s company, Quadrant, has announced a collaboration with YouTube star WillNE, who will join the team as a co-owner, using his large following and content creation skills to help drive the brand to new heights in areas such as clothing, social media content, e-sports and gaming.


‣ McLaren driver Lando Norris owns a company called Quadrant, which sells clothing, produces social media content, and engages in e-sports and gaming.
‣ Quadrant was launched in late 2020 and is based in Bristol, UK.
‣ YouTube star Lenney, also known as WillNE, has joined Quadrant as a co-owner. He has seven million subscribers across his two largest channels.
‣ The partnership with WillNE is expected to drive Quadrant to new heights due to his large following and proven track record in creating engaging content.

Lando Norris, the McLaren driver, isn’t just about racing. He’s got his own company, Quadrant. Launched in late 2020, it’s more than just a brand. It’s a platform for selling clothes, creating social media content, and even dabbling in e-sports and gaming. This Bristol-based Brit has a new business partner in tow.

Big Announcement from Norris

Enter YouTube sensation, Lenney, or as most know him, WillNE. He’s the new addition to the Quadrant team. With a whopping seven million subscribers across his two main channels, he’s a big deal. “WillNE’s involvement as a co-owner will drive QUADRANT to new heights,” says the Quadrant website.

Norris, in a video, spills the beans about his partnership with the Newcastle-based YouTuber.

And here’s the official welcome from QUADRANT: “@WillNE as Co-Owner QUADRANT’s mission is to create more entertaining and uplifting stories than anyone else. Will’s expertise, creativity, and dedication to our mission make him an invaluable leader to our team and we look forward to achieving great things…
— Quadrant (@Quadrant) January 22, 2024

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