Norris Engineer Shares How to Keep Him Calm in Final Stages

Lando Norris secured his first Formula 1 Grand Prix victory in Miami with the support of his team and race engineer Will Joseph, who highlighted the collective hard work and upgrades to Norris’ car as key factors in their success.


‣ Lando Norris achieved his first Formula 1 Grand Prix victory in Miami, a milestone made possible with the support of his team and race engineer Will Joseph.

‣ The McLaren team, under the leadership of Andrea, introduced 10 upgrades to Norris’ car for the Miami race, which not only contributed to the win but also promises potential for future races.

‣ Will Joseph, Norris’ race engineer, emphasized the importance of treating the race like any other, focusing on standard monitoring and supporting Norris’ exceptional driving to manage the nerves of the final laps.

‣ The success in Miami is seen as a result of the hard work and dedication of the entire McLaren team, from the engineers to the leadership, highlighting the collective effort behind Norris’ victory.

Lando Norris, huh? Sunday was his day, making a bit of history in Miami by snagging his first Formula 1 Grand Prix win. But, let’s not kid ourselves. He didn’t do it solo. Behind him was a team, a solid one, with folks like his race engineer, Will Joseph, from McLaren. Joseph himself said it loud and clear: all their sweat and late nights were for something. They’ve got a shiny new trophy to prove it.

Chatting with F1TV, Joseph shared a slice of what it’s like in those nail-biting final laps. “You pretend it’s just another day at the office,” he said. They kept their eyes on the prize, monitoring everything per usual. Norris? Oh, he was in his element, driving like a dream. The trick, Joseph mentioned, was to shove the pressure aside and act like it’s all in a day’s work.

Remember Sochi 2021? Norris was this close to his first win. Then, bam, a slip, and Lewis Hamilton zoomed past to victory. Tough break, that.

Joseph, ever the optimist, brushed off the past. “Pain? What pain?” he joked. From day one, it was all about the grind, the journey with Norris. And boy, did it pay off. Everyone, from McLaren to the extended team, has been stellar. Under Andrea’s watchful eye, they’ve really pulled together. “Hard work,” Joseph mused, “that’s the secret sauce.”

And then, Miami. McLaren went all out, throwing in 10 upgrades on Norris’ car. Joseph’s got a hunch these tweaks will do wonders on other tracks, not just Miami. The hope? This isn’t a one-off celebration.

The moment Norris hit P1, Joseph was in a daze. “It felt weird,” he admitted. Wondering if the other shoe would drop. But then, the cheers, the buzz from the team, Norris’ joy, Zak’s enthusiasm, and Andrea’s grin. That moment of collective triumph? “That’s the gold,” Joseph said. “That’s what makes every bit of this journey worthwhile.”

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