Norris Frustrated Over Losing Ground to Verstappen

Lando Norris had a tough time at the British Grand Prix.

He missed out on second place because McLaren chose the wrong tires, letting Max Verstappen overtake him and finish ahead.

Norris Feels He’s Losing Ground in Title Race

Since his Miami win, Norris has been close to another victory but keeps missing out due to small mistakes. In Canada, he lost a win because of a bad pit stop during a safety car. In Spain, he had a poor start from pole position. An accident with Verstappen in Austria led to a DNF while Verstappen finished fifth. And now, the wrong tire choice at Silverstone cost him again.

“I’m not making the right decisions,” Norris said after finishing third at his home race. “I blame myself today for not making some of the right decisions. I hate ending in this position and forever having excuses for not doing a good enough job.”

Fans might think he’s being too hard on himself.

Norris knows he needs to turn things around soon as the 2024 season is halfway through. If he misses more chances, winning the title will become impossible. But despite these setbacks, he’s still positive about how far he and McLaren have come in the past year.

“I’m still going to enjoy it,” Norris continued. “We did so many things right and there are lots of positives. But here in Silverstone, where I wanted everything to go perfectly, it didn’t today. But I’m good. We’ll come back stronger next year and try again.”

What do you think? Can Norris bounce back?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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