Norris Misses Top Marks Despite First Formula One Win

Max Verstappen received the highest rating of 9 for his near-perfect weekend at the Miami GP, outperforming Lando Norris who won his first Formula 1 race but scored an 8 due to a disappointing overall weekend, according to GPblog’s ratings.


– ‣ Lando Norris won his first Formula 1 race but received an 8 rating due to a disappointing weekend overall, overshadowed by his teammate in sprint qualifying and the sprint race.
– ‣ Max Verstappen received the highest rating of 9 for a near-perfect weekend in Miami, securing the most points and his sixth pole position in 2024 despite damage to his car.
– ‣ Charles Leclerc and Esteban Ocon both received a 7 rating, with Leclerc driving a strong weekend for Ferrari and securing third place, and Ocon scoring the first point for Alpine, showcasing consistent performance.
– ‣ Kevin Magnussen received the lowest rating of 3, leaving a very bad impression in Miami and being very close to a race ban due to multiple penalties.

Lando Norris clinched his first-ever Formula 1 victory. Yet, he didn’t snag the top spot in the post-Miami GP ratings. That honor was reserved for Max Verstappen, who, interestingly, didn’t earn a perfect score either. Dive into GPblog’s Miami GP ratings and see how the drivers stack up in their rankings.

Norris scored an 8. Despite being the sole bearer of McLaren’s latest updates, his weekend was a bit underwhelming. He was outpaced by his teammate in both the sprint qualifying and the race. However, Norris shone in the actual race, leveraging a peculiar safety car situation to his advantage with a stellar performance on medium tires.

Verstappen? He got a 9. His weekend in Miami was almost flawless, topping the points table. Verstappen, the undeniable ace of Red Bull Racing, secured his sixth pole position in 2024. A mishap with the pole, as Christian Horner noted, did slow him down. But the “what ifs” remain just that.

Leclerc landed a 7. He had a strong showing for Ferrari, clinching third place. It was a commendable effort, albeit not enough to outpace Red Bull or McLaren.

Perez found himself with a 6. His Miami escapade was fraught with challenges, including a near-collision with Verstappen at the race’s outset. Sainz, too, scored a 6, his frustration palpable on Miami’s tracks. His tussle with Oscar Piastri cost him dearly.

Hamilton also scored a 6. He showed improvement during the Grand Prix, marking a stark contrast to his sprint race performance. Tsunoda earned a 7, consistently gathering points for his team through solid performances.

Russell, with a 5, struggled in the race despite outqualifying his teammate. Alonso, with a weekend that didn’t stand out, still managed a smile with a 6, thanks to scoring points.

Ocon, scoring a 7, wasn’t a surprise as the top scorer for Alpine, benefiting from a timely pit stop. Hulkenberg, also with a 7, continued to impress, especially in qualifying.

Gasly, with a 6, had a decent run, narrowly missing out on points. Piastri, despite limited updates, impressed with a 7, showcasing his skill in sprint qualifying.

Zhou, scoring a 6, quietly outperformed his teammate over the weekend. Ricciardo, from hero to zero, ended with a 6, his performance dipping after the sprint race.

Bottas and Stroll both scored a 5, with Bottas frustrated by a new race engineer and Stroll causing a stir in the sprint race. Albon, also with a 5, had a weekend to forget, finishing behind his teammate in both the sprint shootout and race.

Magnussen, with a 3, left a sour taste in Miami, edging closer to a race ban with a slew of penalties. Sargeant, amidst rumors of Williams wanting to part ways, managed a solid 6, showing promise in the sprint format.

### GPblog Rankings after Miami GP

The rankings post-Miami GP paint a vivid picture of the highs and lows experienced by the drivers. Each performance, whether stellar or lackluster, tells a part of the larger F1 narrative unfolding this season.

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