Norris Not Waiting for Red Bull, Finds Challenge Enough with McLaren

Lando Norris is pleased to extend his contract with McLaren, choosing to stay with the team to quell rumors and build his own legacy, despite acknowledging discussions with other teams and the allure of a potential seat at Red Bull Racing.


‣ Lando Norris has extended his contract with McLaren, expressing his delight and discussing the decision not to wait for a potential seat at Red Bull Racing.

‣ Norris acknowledges having discussions with other teams but emphasizes his commitment to McLaren, aiming to quell rumors and maintain team morale.

‣ Despite the allure of joining a highly successful team like Red Bull, Norris believes in McLaren’s potential to compete at the top level, citing their progress and his desire to build his own legacy with the team.

Lando Norris couldn’t hide his excitement about staying on with McLaren. The specifics of his new contract? Well, those details are still under wraps.

In a candid chat with Sky Sports, Norris spilled the beans. He talked about why he’s renewing his commitment early. And yep, he touched on the whole Red Bull speculation.

McLaren’s HQ in Woking is nothing short of stunning. So, did Lando ever peek over the fence at other teams? “I mean, there’s always discussions every now and then,” he admitted with a refreshing honesty. “I’m not going to lie and say no, you know.” But, it seems, those talks never really went anywhere.

Why stick with McLaren, especially with over two years left on his contract? Norris had a thought or two about that. “There’s always been things in the media and stories being written. That’s not the best thing for everyone here back in the factory.” He wanted to quash those rumors, for the team’s peace of mind.

### Why not Red Bull?

Ah, the Red Bull question. It’s been buzzing around, hasn’t it? But for Norris, it’s not about being with the “best” team. “I think if you look at where we ended up last year… it was pretty impressive, you know?” He’s proud of how close McLaren got to the top, despite the odds.

That progress? It was a sign for Norris. A sign that McLaren could take on the giants. “I think that showed me, and everyone here at McLaren that we have what it takes to challenge them.” He’s not just here to race; he’s here to write his own story with McLaren. And honestly? We can’t wait to see how that story unfolds.

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