Norris Reveals McLaren Fire Impacted His Qualifying Preparation

Lando Norris had a tough time before the Spanish Grand Prix.

A fire broke out in the McLaren hospitality unit just as FP3 was about to begin, causing quite a scare for everyone. Although the fire was put out quickly, one employee went to the hospital as a precaution but was later released. Fortunately, this didn’t delay getting the cars on track.

Did the fire cause problems for Norris?

Norris admitted that it wasn’t an ideal situation. “It’s never a nice thing but it’s just a bit more of a stressful day than I would have liked. I lost my shoes and that was probably as bad as it got for me,” he said.

The incident did mess up his usual routine. He couldn’t relax in his normal room and had to rely on help from other teams. “I’ve not been in my normal room and I’ve not been able to maybe relax and chill out as much as I normally do, but I’ve had a lot of offers from people so it’s been great,” Norris shared. Fans might think it’s amazing how other teams offered their support during such times.

Despite all this chaos, Norris was happy everyone was safe after the fire. He will start Sunday’s race from pole position with Verstappen, Hamilton, and Russell right behind him. It’s only his second pole position ever!

What do you think about Norris’ chances in the race?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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