Norris’ Rumored Girlfriend Margarida Corceiro Maintains Low Profile Following Victory

Lando Norris, recently seen with Margarida Corceiro, won the 2024 Miami Grand Prix, but despite their rumored relationship, Corceiro has not publicly congratulated him.


‣ Lando Norris has been linked with Portuguese actress and model Margarida Corceiro, sparking rumors of a potential relationship, especially after being seen together at the Monte-Carlo Masters Final.

‣ Norris achieved his first Formula 1 victory at the 2024 Miami Grand Prix, outpacing Max Verstappen with the help of a safety car, showcasing the McLaren’s competitive speed.

‣ Despite the recent public appearances and interactions on social media, Corceiro has not publicly congratulated Norris on his Miami Grand Prix win.

‣ Corceiro has a history with footballer Joao Felix, with their relationship ending in May 2023, while Norris has been publicly single since September 2022.

Lando Norris? Yeah, he’s been seen hanging out with Margarida Corceiro. Everyone’s whispering about them possibly dating. But after Norris’ big win in Miami, Corceiro’s been kinda quiet.

So, Norris just clinched his first Formula 1 victory. Beat Verstappen at the 2024 Miami Grand Prix, no less. Thanks to a safety car, sure, but the McLaren was flying.

**No cheers from Corceiro, though.**

Norris and the Portuguese actress, Corceiro, have been spotted together a few times. Like, they were both at the Monte-Carlo Masters Final. Corceiro? She’s got a history with footballer Joao Felix. They called it quits last summer. As for Norris, he’s been officially single since his last relationship ended back in September 2022. Oh, and Felix? The guy’s bounced around a bit – Benfica, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, and now Barcelona. Plus, he’s got 37 caps for Portugal. Their split? Happened around May 2023.

Despite the buzz, Corceiro’s been pretty low-key online. Sure, she’s liked a bunch of Norris’ posts since the Miami race. But not a single congratulatory message in sight. Odd, right?

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Albert Ramirez
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