Norris Warns More to Come: Feels Weight Lifted from Shoulders

Lando Norris celebrated his first Formula 1 victory at the Miami Grand Prix, attributing the win to hard work and optimism within himself and the McLaren team, while expressing eagerness for future successes.


– ‣ Lando Norris celebrated his first Formula 1 victory at the Miami Grand Prix, attributing the success to hard work and team effort.
– ‣ Norris expressed his confidence and patience in achieving his first win, despite previous doubts from others about his and McLaren’s capabilities.
– ‣ Since his debut in 2019, Norris has achieved 15 podiums and emphasized his belief in his and McLaren’s potential to win races, highlighting the significant progress and upgrades made to the car.
– ‣ McLaren’s introduction of upgrades to Norris’ car was pivotal for the win in Miami, signaling the team’s ambition to compete more fiercely with top teams like Red Bull Racing.

Lando Norris absolutely stole the show in Miami. Yep, he clinched his very first Formula 1 win. It was a moment, let me tell you. The McLaren driver was all praises, for himself and the team. Hard work, he said, got him to this victory lap.

Now, imagine this. The British driver, practically speechless. “I don’t know what I’m going to say, honestly,” he stammered. But then, words flowed. Smiling, cheering, and a whole lot of happiness. “Not always the case,” he admitted, but dreams, they do come true. Sometimes, they just walk up to you, and bam, it’s your day.

That first win? “Incredible,” he said. Close calls in the past, sure, but worry? Not a bit. Doubters were out there, thinking he couldn’t pull it off. Norris? More confident than ever. “The team and I, we’ve got what it takes,” he declared. Patience was his game.

### ‘I knew my time was coming’
2019 was the year Norris hit the F1 scene, debuting at the Australian Grand Prix. Alongside him, two other newbies: George Russell and Alex Albon. Fast forward, and it’s just Albon waiting on that first win. Norris? He’s notched up 110 races, eight seconds, and fifteen podiums before hitting the jackpot.

“I knew my time was coming,” Norris reflected. Optimism isn’t usually his thing, but something felt different this weekend. “We could win races,” he’d said at the year’s start. Doubters? Plenty. But deep down, he knew. “Our time was coming,” he insisted. And what a journey, from not making Q2 last year to winning now. “The team did an insane job,” he praised.

### ‘We’re already hungry for more’
This weekend was a game-changer for McLaren. Norris’ car got ten upgrades, half of which his teammate will soon enjoy too. It’s just the beginning of their quest to outpace Red Bull Racing.

Without those upgrades? Winning would’ve been a long shot. “It’s the start,” Norris said, eyes already set on more victories. “We’ll keep pushing,” he promised. Because, for McLaren and Norris, this win is just the appetizer. They’re hungry for the main course.

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