Overcoming Fear: A Personal Journey

Max Verstappen and his father Jos express concerns over the stability of Red Bull Racing due to key figures like Adrian Newey leaving, amidst internal turmoil and the potential impact on the team’s future.


‣ Max Verstappen emphasizes the importance of retaining key players for Red Bull Racing’s success, hinting at a potential move to Mercedes if this does not happen.

‣ Adrian Newey’s departure from Red Bull Racing marks the loss of a crucial figure, raising concerns from Jos Verstappen about the team’s future and internal stability.

‣ Jos Verstappen warns that the team could fall apart without the retention of key personnel, highlighting the recent unsettling developments within the team.

‣ Helmut Marko’s potential suspension was a major concern for Max Verstappen, who links his own future with Marko’s presence in the team, underscoring the importance of stability and continuity within Red Bull Racing.

Max dropped a bombshell earlier this year, didn’t he? He made it crystal clear: Red Bull Racing needs to keep its key players. Or else, he hinted, a switch to Mercedes could be on the cards. Now, with Adrian Newey packing up, it seems like the first domino has fallen. And yep, Jos Verstappen, Max’s dad, is pretty worried.

The vibe in the Red Bull garage? It needs a serious chill pill. Despite the weeks zooming past, the atmosphere’s anything but calm. The rumor mill’s been churning out whispers about Newey eyeing a new gig. Then, bam, the official word drops.

Jos Verstappen spilled his thoughts to De Telegraaf, “The team’s on thin ice,” he said. Earlier this year, he sensed trouble brewing. “We need to keep our key players to maintain harmony. But look at us now. Newey’s out the door, and there was even talk of Helmut getting the boot. This doesn’t bode well for our future.”

### Marko’s Close Call

March brought its own drama. Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s 80-year-old strategist, was almost put on ice by Red Bull GmbH. Gossip had it he might’ve leaked info on an investigation into Horner’s questionable actions. Marko denied the allegations, and, by the skin of his teeth, dodged suspension.

Max, ever the loyalist, tied his own fate to Marko’s. “Him leaving? Can’t see it,” the champ declared. Marko’s presence, he insisted, is non-negotiable. “I need him by my side. Post-Dietrich Mateschitz’s passing, it’s crucial everyone sticks to their roles. I’ve made it clear, as long as Helmut’s around, things should stay as they are.”

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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