Penalty Points Count for Others

Kevin Magnussen, with 10 penalty points on his racing license for various incidents and with points not expiring for another 10 months, must be cautious to avoid a one Grand Prix suspension in Formula 1, while other drivers like Sergio Perez and Logan Sargeant also have significant penalty points.


‣ Kevin Magnussen is close to a one Grand Prix suspension in Formula 1, having accumulated 10 penalty points on his racing licence, with a suspension following at 12 points. His first points will not expire for another 10 months.

‣ Magnussen’s penalty points were accumulated through various incidents, including a collision with Alexander Albon in Saudi Arabia, a touch with Yuki Tsunoda in China, leaving the racing line repeatedly in Miami, and crashing into Logan Sargeant.

‣ If Magnussen receives two more penalty points, Haas F1 Team may need to find a reserve driver, with Oliver Bearman being a potential replacement.

‣ The penalty points system in Formula 1 is a critical measure for maintaining discipline among drivers, with Sergio Perez, Logan Sargeant, Lance Stroll, and Fernando Alonso also having significant points on their licences.

Oh boy, Kevin Magnussen’s in a bit of a pickle, huh? The Haas F1 driver’s racing license is looking more like a naughty list with five fresh penalty points slapped on it in Miami. That’s a whopping total of 10 points now. Just two more, and bam! He’s benched for a Grand Prix weekend. And here’s the kicker: those first points won’t vanish into thin air for another 10 months.

So, how did K-Mag find himself in this tight spot? Well, it all started with a clash with Alexander Albon in Saudi Arabia. That tiff cost him his first 3 points. Then, a little nudge with Yuki Tsunoda in China added 2 more to the tally. Miami wasn’t kind either. Three points for playing hopscotch with the racing line and another 2 for a tango with Logan Sargeant. Ouch.

March 9 next year is D-Day for Magnussen. Those first 3 points will finally disappear. But until then, it’s like walking on eggshells for the 31-year-old. One wrong move, and it’s not just him in trouble. Haas will be scrambling for a reserve driver. Oliver Bearman, you might wanna keep your phone on.

Meanwhile, Sergio Perez is tiptoeing on thin ice too, with 8 penalty points. Logan Sargeant’s in the same boat. And don’t get me started on the Aston Martin duo, Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso, lurking with 7 and 6 points, respectively.

Now, Pierre Gasly can probably share some wisdom on the matter. The end of 2022 had him sweating bullets with 10 penalty points of his own. It was a close call, but he dodged a suspension with just a warning. Phew.

Let’s break down the penalty point leaderboard, shall we? Magnussen’s sitting “proud” at the top with 10. Then it’s Perez and Sargeant neck and neck with 8. Stroll’s not far behind with 7, and Alonso’s got 6. The rest of the pack is scattered below, with some lucky ducks still at zero.

In the world of F1, it seems, keeping your nose clean is easier said than done. But hey, that’s racing for you—fast, furious, and sometimes, just a tad too feisty.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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