Penelope Set to Attend Miami GP, Watches Verstappen

Penelope, Kelly Piquet’s daughter, appears to be in the United States for the Miami Grand Prix, having previously attended the Japanese Grand Prix to support the defending champion.


– ‣ Penelope, Kelly Piquet’s daughter, is in the United States for the Miami Grand Prix.
– ‣ During Verstappen’s streaming, Penelope came to take a peek.
– ‣ Penelope was present at the Japanese Grand Prix, cheering on the defending champion.
– ‣ It is likely that Penelope will attend the Miami Grand Prix again.

Penelope’s in the States, it seems. Yep, for the Miami Grand Prix. Oh, and while Verstappen was live-streaming? She just had to sneak a peek. Classic Penelope move, right?

Now, remember the Japanese Grand Prix? She was there too. Made some epic videos at Suzuka, cheering on the defending champ. Pure gold, those clips.

Looks like she’s hitting Miami next. Again. Because, why not? Miami’s got that vibe, doesn’t it? Plus, if Penelope’s track record’s anything to go by, we’re in for a treat.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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