Penske Secures Victory at 24 Hours Daytona with Porsche

Penske Motorsport, in collaboration with Porsche, secured their first victory at the 24 Hours of Daytona since 1969, following an intense final battle between Felipe Nasr and Tom Blomqvist, while Winward Motorsport claimed the GTD class win and Era Motorsport and Risi Competizione triumphed in the LMP2 and GTD Pro classes, respectively.


‣ Penske Motorsport, in collaboration with Porsche, achieved their first victory at the 24 Hours of Daytona since 1969, with Felipe Nasr playing a crucial role in the win.

‣ The final stage of the race was marked by an intense battle between Felipe Nasr and Tom Blomqvist, with Nasr ultimately securing the victory for Penske in the GTP class.

‣ Indy Dontje, alongside Russell Ward, Daniel Morad, and Phillip Elis, clinched victory in the GTD class for Winward Motorsport, showcasing a surprising performance.

‣ The race concluded with a bit of confusion due to a premature indication of the final lap by race control, but this did not affect the final standings, confirming Penske’s victory.

Oh boy, Penske Motorsport teamed up with Porsche and snagged a win at the 24 Hours of Daytona. Can you believe it? First time since ’69! The final stretch was a nail-biter, with Felipe Nasr duking it out with Cadillac’s Tom Blomqvist.

Now, here’s a twist. Indy Dontje, ever heard of him? He rocked the GTD class, snagging a win for Winward Motorsport. He wasn’t alone, though. Russell Ward, Daniel Morad, and Phillip Elis were right there with him.

### Penske clinches victory after a heart-stopping showdown with Porsche at Daytona’s final hour

Talk about a cliffhanger. Felipe Nasr and Tom Blomqvist were neck and neck, swapping leads like they were playing hot potato. In a dramatic turn, Nasr pulled ahead, securing a long-awaited victory for Penske Motorsport in the GTP class. It’s been a hot minute since 1969, after all.

But wait, there’s more. Just when you thought it was over, race control threw a curveball, signaling the final lap prematurely. Despite the mix-up, Nasr crossed the finish line, victory in hand. Yet, everyone took another lap, just to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. In the end, nothing changed. Penske stood victorious, with Felipe Nasr, Dane Cameron, Josef Newgarden, and Matt Campbell basking in the glory.

Switching gears, let’s talk LMP2 class. The Oreca 07-Gibson, car number 18 of Era Motorsport, cruised to victory. The team? Ryan Dalziel, Dwight Merriman, Connor Zilisch, and Christian Rasmussen. A solid lineup, if you ask me.

And in the GTD Pro class, Ferrari took the cake with the number 62 GT3 car of Risi Competizione. Behind the wheel were Alessandro Pier Guidi, Davide Rigon, Daniel Serra, and James Calado. They really brought their A-game.

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