Perez Recalls Near-Crash Incident with Verstappen

Sergio Perez nearly collided with teammate Max Verstappen at the start of the Miami Grand Prix, ultimately finishing fifth after a challenging race with tyre issues and losing positions early on.


‣ Sergio Perez nearly caused a collision with his teammate Max Verstappen at the start of the Miami Grand Prix, which could have had catastrophic results.

‣ Despite the challenging start and losing several places, Perez managed to finish fifth in the race, behind Lando Norris, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, and Carlos Sainz.

‣ Perez described the race as tricky, highlighting issues such as starting offline, losing grip, damaging his tyres, and struggling with tyre temperature, which affected his ability to compete effectively.

‣ Reflecting on the near-miss with Verstappen, Perez acknowledged the incident was “super close” but managed to avoid a collision by releasing the brake in time.

Oh boy, the Miami Grand Prix was a heart-stopper right from the get-go. Max Verstappen? Nearly had a disaster. Picture this: Sergio Perez, his teammate, almost sent him flying off the track. Why? Braked way too late. After the dust settled, Perez spilled the beans to Viaplay, talking about that hair-raising start.

Now, onto Perez’s own rollercoaster during the race. It wasn’t a walk in the park, not by a long shot. The guy lost spots faster than my phone loses battery. And where did he end up? Fifth. Yep, trailing behind the likes of Lando Norris, Verstappen himself, Charles Leclerc, and Carlos Sainz.

Perez didn’t mince words about it. “Tricky” was how he described the race. Starting off-track didn’t do him any favors. He took a gamble, diving inside, hoping for grip that just wasn’t there. Next thing you know, he’s behind Piastri. And his tyres? Took a beating. Trying to keep up later on was like running in sand – the tyres just got too hot. Made overtaking a dream too far.

That Near-Miss with Verstappen

Then there’s the juicy bit about almost crashing into Verstappen. Perez was candid, admitting it was a close shave at Turn 1. “Super close,” he said. He had to pull off some quick thinking, releasing the brake just in time. Max was unscathed, but boy, was it close.

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