Perez: Red Bull Team Dynamics ‘Would Look Different’ Without Verstappen

Sergio Perez believes people would view his performances differently if he had another teammate at Red Bull. He thinks Max Verstappen‘s skill level is extremely high and tough to match.

Perez has had a rough time for four race weekends in a row. After scoring zero points in Canada and Monaco, he managed to get points again in Spain but only finished eighth. His struggle to keep up with his teammate is due to several poor performances.

Perez Cannot Keep Up with Verstappen

“Max is at a very high level at the moment,” Perez said in Austria. “He’s delivering. He’s at his best. He’s driving on top form compared to all the others. So definitely, if you had a different teammate, things would look different. But it’s a great challenge to have. I mean, he’s been my teammate for the last four seasons.”

Toto Wolff thinks Max Verstappen makes Red Bull’s RB20 look better than it really is. When asked if McLaren has a better car right now, Perez replied: “I think McLaren has been the most solid car in the last few races on different tracks. They’ve been the most competitive.”

Fans might wonder how this will affect future races.

“But like I said,” Perez continued, “you’re talking about small margins. So I think if we are able to maximize our package, that will be better.” He added that they need to stay focused because there’s still a long year ahead.

What do you think about Perez’s chances this season?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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