Reasons Behind Newey’s Departure from Red Bull Racing

Adrian Newey is leaving Red Bull Racing due to internal power struggles and dissatisfaction with the commercialized “Netflix era” of Formula One, with speculation about his future involving potential interest from Ferrari and Aston Martin, though retirement is also a possibility.


‣ Adrian Newey is leaving Red Bull Racing due to a power struggle within the organization and his dissatisfaction with the “Netflix era” of Formula One, which focuses heavily on commercial aspects.

‣ Despite speculation about his next move, Newey has not yet signed with another team, though there is interest from Ferrari and Aston Martin. Retirement is also a possibility for him.

‣ Newey’s departure from Red Bull Racing is planned for early 2025, but his future beyond that, including whether he would move to Italy to join Ferrari, remains uncertain.

Adrian Newey’s departure from Red Bull Racing has set the rumor mill ablaze. Sky Sports’ Craig Slater seems to have the inside scoop.

Retirement or another team? That’s the big question. Slater’s digging suggests Newey’s had it with the backstage power tussles. Apparently, he tried to bail in May last year, but Christian Horner wasn’t having any of it. Slater spills the beans: “This friction between Salzburg, where Red Bull’s head offices hum, and the F1 team’s home in Milton Keynes… It’s a mess.” And don’t get started on the Thai vs. Austrian ownership drama. Plus, Newey’s not exactly cheering for the Netflix-era F1’s spotlight.

Despite the buzz, Newey’s future remains a mystery. He’s hinted he’s not yet committed elsewhere. “Ferrari? Aston Martin?” Slater muses. “The grapevine’s ripe with whispers.” Aston Martin insiders reckon Ferrari’s the juicier choice for Newey. Yet, those in Newey’s circle hint he’s weeks away from a decision. And yep, retirement’s still on the table.

Will Newey fancy a move to Italy with Ferrari? That’s anyone’s guess. What’s clear is he’s sticking with Red Bull till early 2025. After that, who knows?

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Albert Ramirez
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