Red Bull Contract Extensions: Three Key Figures Secure Their Future

Despite Adrian Newey’s departure from Red Bull Racing, the team has secured its technical future by extending the contracts of key staff members Pierre Waché, Enrico Balbo, and Ben Waterhouse until 2028, ensuring stability and expertise for the development of the 2026 car.


– ‣ Adrian Newey may be leaving Red Bull Racing, but the team secured the future by extending contracts for Pierre Waché, Enrico Balbo, and Ben Waterhouse until 2028, ensuring the key staff members for the development of the 2026 car are retained.
– ‣ Technical director Pierre Waché, who has been with Red Bull since 2013 and has a significant track record in Formula 1, extended his contract until 2028, highlighting his pivotal role in the team’s success and future plans.
– ‣ Despite Adrian Newey’s departure, Red Bull Racing maintains a strong technical team with the long-term commitment of Waché, Balbo (Head of Aerodynamics), and Waterhouse (Head of Performance Engineering), countering claims by figures like Brown and Wolff about staff leaving the team.
– ‣ The contract extensions of Waché, Balbo, and Waterhouse come amid interest from other teams, notably Ferrari, and are crucial for Red Bull’s preparations for the 2026 season under new regulations, ensuring stability and continuity in their technical department.

Adrian Newey’s departure from Red Bull Racing might seem like a big deal. Yet, earlier this year, Max Verstappen‘s crew landed a significant win. They secured contract extensions for three key players: Pierre Waché, Enrico Balbo, and Ben Waterhouse. Just before the season kicked off, these guys committed long-term to the team. So, the brains behind the 2026 car development are sticking around with the Milton Keynes squad.

Technical director Waché is on board until 2028. That’s four more seasons with the Austrian team, as confirmed by Red Bull Racing to GPblog. At 49, the Frenchman has been pivotal in developing Red Bull’s cars over recent years. The team’s current success? Yeah, he’s played a huge part in that. Interestingly, it’s been Waché – not Newey – who, along with Balbo, has been running the show daily.

Who is Pierre Wache, you ask? Well, he’s no newbie. His Formula 1 journey began back in 2001 with Michelin, the tyre folks. Then he jumped into his first F1 gig at BMW Sauber as a performance engineer. By 2013, he’d made his way to Red Bull and climbed up the ranks steadily.

And it’s not just Waché. Balbo, the Head of Aerodynamics, and Waterhouse, the Head of Performance Engineering, have also renewed their vows with Red Bull Racing. GPblog dug up that they’re locked in until 2028. So, even without Newey’s genius, the team’s technical foundation is solid for years to come.

Despite rumors, according to Brown and Wolff, it seems the top tech talents at Red Bull aren’t looking for exits. Waché, Balbo, and Waterhouse have all inked deals taking them to 2028. These agreements were sealed in recent months, as tweeted by Tim Kraaij. So, Red Bull’s keeping a tight grip on crucial know-how, especially with the 2026 season bringing new regulations and the need for a fresh car design.

Last year, there was chatter about Ferrari eyeing Waché and Balbo. But no deal came through. With these latest contract extensions, it looks like Ferrari won’t be knocking on their door again anytime soon.

Are Red Bull’s staff eyeing the exit? Christian Horner suggested otherwise in Miami. After Zak Brown hinted at Red Bull engineers exploring options elsewhere, Horner reassured that key technicians are under contract. Toto Wolff echoed Brown’s comments, but for now, Waché, Balbo, and Waterhouse aren’t going anywhere.

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