Red Bull Defeated in Miami Pit Lane as Ferrari Achieves Fractional Speed Advantage

Red Bull Racing achieved a sprint race victory and the fastest pit stop with Max Verstappen in China, but at the Miami Grand Prix, they were outperformed by Lando Norris on the track and Ferrari’s pit crew in the pit lane, despite maintaining a dominant position in the season’s pitstop rankings.


‣ Red Bull Racing achieved victories with Max Verstappen in both the sprint race and Grand Prix in China, also recording the fastest pit stop, but faced challenges in Miami with only a sprint win as Lando Norris and Ferrari’s pit crew outperformed them.

Sergio Perez‘s pit stop at the Miami Grand Prix was impressively quick at 1.95 seconds, nearly matching Red Bull’s season-best of 1.90 seconds, but Ferrari managed a slightly faster pit stop for Leclerc at 1.94 seconds, placing them second in the top-ten fastest pit stops, with Red Bull holding the remaining nine spots.

‣ In the pitstop rankings for the year, Red Bull Racing leads significantly with 208 points from six Grands Prix, followed by Ferrari with 111 points, McLaren with 79 points, and Mercedes with 65 points, highlighting Red Bull’s dominance in pit stop efficiency.

Just over two weeks back, in the bustling heart of China, the Red Bull Racing team was on fire. Max Verstappen, their star, clinched victories left and right – in the sprint race and the Grand Prix. Oh, and they were the quickest in the pit lane too. But, you know, things change. This time around, in Miami, they had to settle for just a sprint win. Lando Norris and the Ferrari pit crew showed them who’s boss on the circuit and in the pit lane, respectively.

Now, don’t get it twisted. Sergio Perez’s pit stop in Miami wasn’t shabby by any stretch. The Red Bull mechanics did their thing, swapping out all four tyres in just 1.95 seconds. Pretty slick, right? That was almost as fast as their record time in Shanghai (1.90 seconds). But, alas, Ferrari’s crew edged them out by a hair. Leclerc was back on track in 1.94 seconds, thanks to them. Suddenly, Ferrari’s sitting pretty in second place for the season’s fastest pit stops, with Red Bull hogging the rest of the top-ten spots.

Red Bull pit crew almost unbeatable this year

Let’s talk rankings. Red Bull Racing? They’re practically in a league of their own. With 208 points from six Grands Prix, they’re the top dogs. Ferrari’s trailing with 111 points. Not too shabby, but not quite there. McLaren and Mercedes are in the mix too, with 79 and 65 points, respectively. But, let’s be real, it’s Red Bull’s world, and we’re just living in it.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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