Red Bull Mechanic Mocks McLaren’s Unusual Social Media Post: ‘That’s Tragic’

McLaren was furious after the crash between Max Verstappen and Lando Norris.

Both Norris and Andrea Stella expressed their displeasure with Verstappen’s actions.

On the following Tuesday, McLaren’s official X account shared a video featuring Anthony Davidson’s analysis for Sky Sports. A Red Bull mechanic saw this and decided to reply.

Red Bull Mechanic Responds to McLaren Post

The debate over who caused the crash between Norris and Verstappen has been intense. Ultimately, Verstappen received a 10-second penalty. Stella made it clear that everyone could see Verstappen was at fault.

On Tuesday, McLaren posted a video on their official X account where Davidson broke down the incident involving Norris and Verstappen. He even referenced some of Verstappen’s past incidents in his analysis.

Calum Nicholas, a Red Bull mechanic, noticed McLaren’s post and responded with: "The official team account? That’s tragic."

Official team account? This is tragic
— Calum Nicholas (@F1mech) July 3, 2024

Fans might think this drama adds more spice to the rivalry between teams.

What do you think about all this?

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Albert Ramirez
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