Red Bull Sets Deadline for Perez: Potential F1 Replacement Driver Ready

Sergio Perez recently got a contract extension with Red Bull Racing, but his performance hasn’t picked up.

Rumors say Perez needs to do better soon or he might be replaced by Daniel Ricciardo.

Perez on Thin Ice, Ricciardo Waiting

Christian Horner hinted at other ways to put pressure on Perez, regardless of his contract. Auto, Motor und Sport reports that if Perez doesn’t improve quickly, he might be swapped out for Ricciardo. This change will only happen if Ricciardo excels in the next three races and Perez continues to struggle. Red Bull mentioned that performance clauses exist but aren’t tied to specific deadlines. Recently, Perez signed a two-year extension with the team.

Ricciardo is currently driving for Visa Cash App RB (VCARB), Red Bull’s sister team. Helmut Marko suggested it’s unlikely we’ll see Ricciardo as Yuki Tsunoda‘s teammate next year because shareholders view VCARB as a junior team. According to Marko, Liam Lawson seems like the logical choice for an F1 seat in 2025.

If Perez gets replaced by Ricciardo despite Marko saying the ‘Ricciardo plan’ has failed, it would free up a seat at VCARB. This could allow Red Bull to keep Lawson unless he finds another team in 2025 if there’s no spot for him at Red Bull or VCARB.

Fans might think this news is both exciting and nerve-wracking!

What do you think about this possible change?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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