Red Bull Technical Leader Joins Alpine, Brad Pitt F1 News Update

Red Bull Racing faces another significant loss as aerodynamics specialist Michael Broadhurst leaves for Alpine, amidst updates on a costly F1 movie produced by Lewis Hamilton and Brad Pitt, and the World Endurance Championship action at Spa.


‣ Red Bull Racing faces significant team losses with Adrian Newey’s departure and aerodynamics specialist Michael Broadhurst leaving for Alpine.

‣ The new Formula 1 movie produced by Lewis Hamilton and starring Brad Pitt is becoming one of the most expensive movies ever made, with costs rumored to exceed $300,000,000.

‣ The World Endurance Championship’s 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps saw the #50 Ferrari take pole position in qualifying, amidst a weekend without Formula 1 action.

Adrian Newey’s exit from Red Bull Racing’s F1 squad was a big deal. And now, in 2025, he’s off for good. Red Bull, already reeling, could’ve done without more departures. Yet, here we are. Today’s buzz? An aerodynamics whiz has bolted for greener pastures. Oh, and there’s chatter about Brad Pitt’s latest flick with Lewis Hamilton’s fingerprints all over it. Plus, updates from the World Endurance Championship in Belgium have surfaced.

### Red Bull’s Latest Goodbye
So, Adrian Newey waved goodbye. The guy’s a legend, steering Red Bull to a heap of championships. But that’s old news. The fresh scoop? Michael Broadhurst is also leaving the nest. He’s off to Alpine, taking his aerodynamics genius with him. Since 2021, Broadhurst has been a key player at Red Bull. Before that? He’s been in the F1 game since 2007. Now, he’s on a break until June, then it’s off to Alpine to sprinkle his magic there.

### Pitt and Hamilton’s Big Screen Adventure
In other news, there’s a buzz about that Formula 1 movie. You know, the one Lewis Hamilton and Brad Pitt are cooking up. Despite being shot at last year’s British Grand Prix, we’re still in the dark about its release date. And guess what? The budget’s ballooning. We’re talking potentially one of the priciest movies ever made. Rumors say it’s already crossed the $300 million mark. Yikes.

### Spa’s WEC Thrills
No F1 this weekend? No problem. The World Endurance Championship’s got us covered. Spa-Francorchamps is where the action’s at, with the 6 Hours of Spa firing up. Qualifying’s done, and the #50 Ferrari snagged pole position. Antonio Fuoco’s at the helm, with a Porsche and a Cadillac hot on his heels. And did you catch that gnarly crash at Raidillon? Makes you appreciate the skill these drivers have. Saturday’s race is shaping up to be a barn burner.

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