Ricciardo Responds to Marko’s Comments: ‘They Fire Me Up’

Sergio Perez and Yuki Tsunoda have extended their contracts, leaving just one seat open in the Red Bull family.

Daniel Ricciardo is currently driving for VCARB, but Helmut Marko has hinted that changes might be needed to keep VCARB as a junior team.

Ricciardo responded to Marko’s comments about his future. “I’ve become really good at not reading things, so I didn’t know about it until I was told when I got here. I don’t feel one way or another about it. I still know that the overriding thing in this sport is performance. That’s what will give me my best chance of staying here, I know that. On the Marko stuff, it’s fine. It doesn’t change what I’m going to do,” he said in Austria.

Marko mentioned Liam Lawson as a possible replacement for Ricciardo, who will soon have a test in Imola. Ricciardo reacted by saying, “I believe it’s been planned for a while, but in any case, it’s one of those where the older you get, you understand to control the controllables. If Liam goes and has an amazing test, 100% good for Liam. I’ve got no control over that or do I wish him poorly…not at all.”

Ricciardo knows he needs to perform well each week to keep his seat. He said, “I’m in the race seat, so I’ve got to do everything I can to control the things I can, and if I kick ass here if I kick ass in Silverstone then I think the narrative can change.” He also mentioned how qualifying fifth in Montreal made Helmut smile .

Could Ricciardo go elsewhere?

If Liam Lawson gets promoted, Ricciardo might need a new team. But he’s confident he’ll keep his spot and isn’t looking elsewhere right now. “I don’t know [about going to a different team]. Not to be stubborn or arrogant about it but I’m not looking anywhere else,” he said.

Christian Horner supports him too but hasn’t pressured him yet. “There hasn’t been any pressure or ultimatum…but I’ve been in the sport a long time,” Ricciardo noted.

Fans might worry about his future.

Ricciardo doesn’t want to stress too much about it though: “I don’t want to be casual about it because obviously I care a lot but maybe I’m at a point where it’s just like what will be will be…if that is good enough to secure me a seat great.”

What do you think? Will Ricciardo stay with VCARB?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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