Rowland Secures Pole Position for Second Saudi ePrix

Oliver Rowland secured pole position for the Formula E race in Saudi Arabia, defeating Robin Frijns in the final, with Nick Cassidy finishing in the top three of the qualifying session.


‣ Oliver Rowland secured pole position for the Formula E race in Saudi Arabia after defeating Robin Frijns in the final qualifying session.

Nyck de Vries was eliminated in the first round of qualifying, finishing 9th out of 11 in his group, highlighting the limitations of his Mahindra car.

‣ The qualifying session was interrupted by a red flag caused by Sebastien Buemi crashing into the wall, which prevented the session from resuming.

‣ The final saw Oliver Rowland (Nissan Formula E Team) outperform Robin Frijns (Envision Racing), securing the pole position for the upcoming Diriyah ePrix.

Well, folks, the dust has settled on the second qualifying session of the electrifying Formula E weekend in Saudi Arabia. And guess what? Oliver Rowland snagged the pole position. He didn’t just get it; he fought for it, outpacing Robin Frijns in a nail-biting final. And, oh, let’s not forget Nick Cassidy, who gracefully secured the third spot in the qualifying lineup. Quite the spectacle, wasn’t it?

Now, onto a bit of a bummer. De Vries, yeah, he’s out after the first round. Qualifying kicked off with the usual suspects: Group A and Group B. The top four drivers from each group punched their tickets to the quarter-finals. Group A’s heroes were Sacha Fenestraz, Robin Frijns, Jean-Eric Vergne, and Stoffel Vandoorne. Meanwhile, Nyck de Vries? Stuck at P9 out of 11, trailing behind in his Mahindra car. Not the best day at the office, for sure.

Group B had its own drama. Oliver Rowland, Nick Cassidy, Jake Hughes, and Jehan Daruvala made it through. Sebastien Buemi? Oh, he was so close yet so far, ending his run with a dramatic crash into the wall. That stunt brought out the red flag, and just like that, the session was over. Talk about a cliffhanger!

The quarter-finals were a tad delayed, thanks to some repair work on the wall (courtesy of Buemi, remember?). Frijns and Vergne went head-to-head in a battle of speed and nerves. Frijns emerged victorious, setting up a semi-final clash with Stoffel Vandoorne. Spoiler alert: Frijns won again. On the other side, Oliver Rowland outpaced Nick Cassidy, setting the stage for a thrilling final.

And the final? Oh, it was something. Frijns from Envision Racing and Oliver Rowland from Nissan Formula E Team went wheel to wheel. But in the end, it was Rowland who had the last laugh, clinching the pole position. Frijns, not too shabby himself, will be starting the second Diriyah ePrix right beside Rowland. Front row seats to what promises to be an electrifying race. Can’t wait, can you?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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