Russell Claims Wolff Nearly Caused Crash While Leading Austrian GP

George Russell took advantage of a crash to win the Austrian Grand Prix, but his team boss almost ruined it for him.

“You can win this, George,” Wolff shouted over the radio. Russell, pumped with adrenaline, snapped back, “Let me f*cking drive!”

Wolff later admitted he regretted his outburst and called it the dumbest thing he had done as Mercedes’ boss. Russell even suggested he nearly crashed because of it!

How Russell nearly lost the Austrian GP

“He just screamed in my ear. It should be the most embarrassing moment of his career. I almost crashed when it happened,” Russell shared with Sky Sports.

Despite this hiccup, Russell highlighted their team’s dedication and hard work. “It shows how passionate we are. Everyone at the factory has been putting in extra hours. Sometimes it feels like there’s no reward, but today we got one,” he concluded.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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