Russell Questions Southgate’s Criticism: ‘Is the Manager Only Doubted in England?’

As Formula One gears up for a tripleheader of Grands Prix, Euro 2024 is heating up with knockout stage matches in Germany. Max Verstappen has already talked about the ‘Verstappen Derby’ between the Netherlands and Austria, and now Lewis Hamilton and George Russell share their thoughts on England’s team.

Hamilton, a casual football fan, mentioned he isn’t too deep into it. “I’m just enjoying watching and supporting England. Hoping that we get stronger. The last game wasn’t the strongest for us. But yes, just wishing the guys all the best. It’s great we’ve got so many great young, talented players. Not only on the men’s but also on the women’s team,” he said.

Russell’s Thoughts on Southgate

George Russell had some words about Gareth Southgate after England got booed off following their game against Slovenia. “I’ve got a question for the non-Brits: Do people who watch football in your own countries all believe they know how to manage the team better than the manager himself? Or is that just in England? Is that everywhere?” Russell asked with sarcasm. When told it’s common everywhere, he laughed: “Refreshing to know.”

Hamilton to visit Paris 2024

Although Hamilton doesn’t think motorsports should be part of the Olympics, he’s excited about attending Paris 2024. “The Olympics are fun,” he said. “I’m looking forward to going this year because one of my really good friends is competing in fencing. So, I’m really proud to go and watch him and support him.”

Fans might find these insights from Hamilton and Russell quite interesting.

What do you think about athletes supporting other sports?

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