Sainz Discusses Demanding Negotiations: ‘No Time to Fully Recharge’

Carlos Sainz is still figuring out which team he will join next.

He said, “I have decided not to talk about my future until I take the decision.”

Sainz explained that from Monday to Thursday, he’s on the phone a lot. He talks with his management and different teams, trying to see the full picture. It’s stressful and takes up a lot of time. Instead of relaxing, his mind is always thinking about what’s next. But once he gets to the track on Thursday and puts on his helmet, he’s 100% focused on racing.

Sainz on His Long-Term Future

Lewis Hamilton made a great move when he joined Mercedes in 2013. Others like Fernando Alonso or Daniel Ricciardo weren’t as lucky with their team changes. Now Sainz faces a similar choice.

He said there’s some guessing and luck involved in picking the right team. He thinks it’s important not to judge a move too quickly but to look at it over several years. “Was this the right move for Carlos in five years’ time or not?” he asked himself.

Fans might wonder if he’ll make the right choice.

Sainz wants to take his time because this decision will affect the next few years of his life. He concluded by saying it’s valid for him to give himself all the time needed for such an important decision.

What do you think? Will Sainz make the right call?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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