Sainz, Ferrari Agreement Failure: Vasseur Seeks Clarity

Carlos Sainz is struggling to reach an agreement with Ferrari on a new contract due to differences over its length and salary, amidst the backdrop of Charles Leclerc‘s prioritized contract extension and Sainz’s desire to stay with the team through the upcoming changes in power source regulations.


– ‣ Charles Leclerc has extended his contract with Ferrari, leading to questions about Carlos Sainz’s future with the team due to difficulties in reaching a new agreement.
– ‣ Carlos Sainz and Ferrari are at an impasse over the length of a new contract and salary, with Sainz desiring a contract until at least 2026 to experience new power source rules at Ferrari, a term the team is not willing to offer.
– ‣ Ferrari’s team principal, Fred Vasseur, aims to have both drivers’ contracts signed before the season’s first race in Bahrain to maintain team stability.
– ‣ The quick conclusion of negotiations with Leclerc and the ongoing difficulties with Sainz’s contract may suggest a prioritization of Leclerc within the team, affecting Sainz’s view and negotiations, especially considering he is the last Ferrari driver to win a race.

So, Charles Leclerc just inked a new deal with Ferrari. And, bam! Suddenly, everyone’s eyes turned to Carlos Sainz. The guy’s in a bit of a pickle, honestly. He’s after a longer contract, but Ferrari? They’re playing hardball, offering him just a year more.

Now, Sainz’s current gig with Ferrari is ticking down, set to expire when 2024 waves goodbye. Fred Vasseur, the team’s head honcho, is itching to get both his racers’ John Hancocks before the season kicks off in Bahrain. That’s what La Gazzetta dello Sport spilled, anyway. But here’s the rub: Sainz and Ferrari are at a standoff, not just over the contract’s length, but the moolah’s also a sticking point. Sainz is eyeing a spot on the team till at least 2026, dreaming of revving through the new power source rules. Ferrari, though? They’re not buying what he’s selling.

### Who will be the first driver at Ferrari?

Now, onto the juicy bit. Leclerc’s deal was wrapped up pretty snappy, which kinda hints he’s the golden boy. Sainz must be feeling a tad sidelined, and who can blame him? He’s the last of the Ferrari crew to snag a win, with his triumph in Singapore not just a memory but a statement. Negotiations? They’re more than just talks for him. They’re about proving a point.

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