Sainz Observes Mercedes’ Progress: ‘Hard Work Required’

Ferrari has faced some tough race weekends lately.

In Monaco, they were close to Red Bull Racing and McLaren, but they’ve fallen behind again in recent races. Carlos Sainz did secure a podium in Austria and shared his thoughts during a press conference. He said, “I think there was not much more in it this weekend. I think we did a good job yesterday in qualifying and in the sprint. And today, we set our targets in trying to beat the Mercedes. We managed to beat one, even if one of them got ahead. And then I was behind the two of them, passed Lewis, and then it was all about trying to keep up with George.”

Sainz tried hard but couldn’t catch up with Russell during the race. He added, “But like we saw yesterday in the sprint, it just looked like they had this half-a-tenth to a tenth of pace advantage. That it’s these three, four, five seconds that he was in front the whole race. And yeah, I thought that was a battle for a podium, which he was going to win. And in the end, it became a battle for a win eventually. We tried everything we could, but we know we’ve been struggling the last few races. At the moment, Mercedes are a little bit quicker than us.”

Sainz: ‘Shows Ferrari have to work hard’

Ferrari introduced upgrades at Imola which seemed promising initially with Leclerc winning and Sainz finishing third at Monaco.

However since then no podiums until Austria’s Grand Prix where Sainz reflected on their struggles: “It just proves that the last two weekends haven’t been easy,” he said.

Fans might feel hopeful yet cautious about Ferrari’s future performance.

“We’ve been always the first Ferrari finishing behind the first Mercedes,” Sainz continued. “Even if you count Canada those three weekends were tough.” He noted Red Bull and McLaren seemed unbeatable this time around while he battled George for P3 or P4—something unexpected earlier this year.

Sainz emphasized how crucial it is for Ferrari to understand recent issues so they can improve by Silverstone hopefully already making strides forward

What do you think? Will Ferrari bounce back soon?

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Albert Ramirez
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