Sanchez Makes Comeback Following Ferrari & McLaren Stints

David Sanchez has been appointed as the Executive Technical Director at Alpine, returning to Enstone after a brief stint at McLaren and previously leaving Ferrari, with the aim of overseeing engineering and improving the team’s on-track performance.


‣ Alpine has appointed David Sanchez as Executive Technical Director, marking his return to Enstone after a brief stint with McLaren and a prior departure from Ferrari.

‣ Sanchez’s role at Alpine will encompass oversight of the engineering, performance, and aerodynamics departments, directly reporting to team principal Bruno Famin.

‣ Team principal Bruno Famin expressed enthusiasm for Sanchez’s return to Enstone, emphasizing the appointment as crucial for optimizing team performance and focusing on essential performance areas.

‣ David Sanchez is motivated by the challenge at Alpine, looking forward to unlocking the team’s potential and improving on-track performance, leveraging his initial career experiences at Enstone.

Boom. Alpine just made a huge move. They’ve snagged David Sanchez as their new Executive Technical Director. Sanchez, fresh from a brief stint at McLaren, is heading back to Enstone. Quite the shake-up, huh?

Now, here’s the scoop on Sanchez. He ditched Ferrari at the start of last season for a gig at McLaren. His title? ‘Car Concept and Performance’ technical director, set for 2024. But, plot twist, the 44-year-old Frenchman and McLaren split ways after just a quarter. Seems like it wasn’t a match made in heaven.

So, what’s next for Sanchez? Alpine’s his new playground. He’s gonna be the big boss of the engineering department at Enstone. Think performance, engineering, aerodynamics – he’s overseeing it all. And he’s answering directly to Bruno Famin, the team principal.

Speaking of Famin, he’s over the moon about getting Sanchez on board. “Thrilled” was the word he used. He’s all about bringing Sanchez back to where it all started for him in 2005. Famin’s got big plans, aiming to rev up the team’s performance. He’s pretty candid about the car’s performance and development pace not keeping up with their ambitions. Time for a change, it seems.

Sanchez? He’s pumped to be back at Alpine. “Excited” barely covers it. Enstone’s where he kicked off his Formula 1 journey, after all. He’s all in for the challenge, ready to tap into the team’s potential and steer them towards success. It’s all about cranking up the on-track performance for him. And he’s itching to get started, eager to collaborate with the Enstone-Viry tech teams. The goal? Regular success for this storied team.

In a nutshell, Alpine’s playing no games. They’re on a mission, and with Sanchez back at the helm, things are about to get interesting. Let’s see how this plays out, shall we?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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