Sargeant’s Reaction to Crash with Magnussen Explained

Logan Sargeant crashed with Kevin Magnussen during his home Grand Prix in Miami, resulting in a ‘DNF’ but remained mostly positive about the weekend, highlighting the positives from the sprint race and qualifying, despite the incident and the threat of losing his seat in Formula One.


‣ Logan Sargeant was involved in a crash with Kevin Magnussen during his home Grand Prix in Miami, leading to a ‘DNF’ (Did Not Finish) status for the race.

‣ Despite the crash and the disappointment of not finishing the race, Sargeant remained positive, highlighting the weekend’s positives, including his performance in the sprint race and qualifying close to Q2.

‣ Sargeant commented on the incident with Magnussen, noting that it was a disappointing way to end the weekend but refrained from further comment until seeing a replay.

‣ Amidst concerns about retaining his seat in Formula One, Sargeant emphasized the importance of focusing on the positives from the weekend and moving forward.

Logan Sargeant’s race in Miami didn’t end as he’d hoped. A crash with Kevin Magnussen forced him out early. Yet, the American driver managed to keep a mostly positive outlook after the dust had settled. He shared his thoughts on the crash that cut his home Grand Prix short.

Oh, and did you hear? Before this mishap, there was buzz around Williams. They were scrambling to secure a super license for Kimi Antonelli, aiming to get him in before he turns 18. Despite this, Sargeant ended up with another ‘DNF’ beside his name. This time, though, it wasn’t in his hands.

About the crash, Sargeant was somewhat in the dark. “I haven’t seen it back, so can’t really comment,” he admitted. But he recounted the moments vividly. “Saw him on my outside into turn one. He tried to cut back into two. That’s where our paths crossed, and bam, we hit.” It was a disappointing end to what had been an exhilarating weekend.

### Sargeant looks at the positives

Despite the looming threat of losing his seat in Formula One, Sargeant chose to focus on the brighter side of his Miami weekend. “It’s been positive, overall,” he insisted. He believed he had squeezed almost everything he could from the weekend. “A few little bits to improve on, but I’m ready to move on,” he shared with F1TV.

He didn’t shy away from highlighting the weekend’s high points. “The sprint race was a highlight. And qualifying? I was just a tenth off Q2, less than three hundredths, actually. Those are big positives.” Sargeant is optimistic. “Just need to find that little extra, and things will start to look up,” he concluded, hopeful about the future.

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