Schumacher Predicts Verstappen Victory in Spain: ‘No Problem’

Ralf Schumacher believes the Spanish Grand Prix will be easy for Red Bull and Max Verstappen.

He thinks the track will show every car’s weaknesses, and Red Bull has the best setup.

At the Circuit de Catalunya, Schumacher predicts Ferrari will struggle with tyre wear. He also expects McLaren to do well as an “all-rounder.” But he confidently states, “This is a track that is not a problem for Red Bull.”

Mercedes’ Challenge in Spain

Schumacher wonders how Mercedes will perform in Spain. In Canada, they did great with pole position and George Russell finishing third. But can they do it again? “I suspect not quite, because the power of the engine cannot be utilised here as it was in Canada. I do hope the upward trend continues,” he says.

Fans might think this is a tough challenge for Mercedes.

Despite their progress, Schumacher notes that Mercedes still needs more to win races like Montreal. Russell couldn’t clinch it there. “Max Verstappen would have won the race in Canada in a Mercedes – there is no doubt about that,” says Ralf Schumacher.

“Mercedes has been dry for a long time and urgently needs a world champion to get back on track,” he adds. According to him, Verstappen could be that champion. “Verstappen is a man who comes across as very conservative, pleasant and sporting.” He imagines Toto Wolff and Mercedes could achieve much with Verstappen on their team .

What do you think? Could Verstappen really turn things around for Mercedes?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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