Seven F1 Teams Head to Bahrain

The winter testing for the 2025 Formula 1 season will be held from February 26 to February 28.

The location for these tests hasn’t been decided yet, but Auto Motor und Sport (AMuS) reports that most teams prefer Bahrain over Barcelona. These tests help drivers and teams check their new cars before the season starts in Melbourne, Australia. Testing in Melbourne was not possible due to logistics, making Bahrain and Barcelona the top choices.

Interestingly, seven out of ten teams voted for Bahrain even though it costs more than testing in Spain. Red Bull, Visa Cash App RB (VCARB), and Stake F1 wanted Spain, but Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren, Alpine, Haas, Williams, and Aston Martin chose Bahrain .

Seven to Three Vote for Bahrain

Most teams believe testing in Bahrain is better despite higher costs. Fans might think this choice shows how much they value good data over saving money.

We still don’t know when they’ll officially announce the test location. Meanwhile, the Spanish Grand Prix is next weekend in Barcelona with sessions starting on June 21 at 13:30.

What do you think about choosing Bahrain?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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