Sky Analysts Claim Verstappen’s Move Cost Norris the Race Win

Max Verstappen faced a lot of criticism after the Austrian Grand Prix when he and Lando Norris collided.

Sky Sports analysts believe Verstappen was at fault and that Norris could have won if the crash hadn’t happened.

Sky Analysts Blame Verstappen

Martin Brundle from Sky Sports thinks the clash was bound to happen due to their rising frustrations. “That was going to happen at some point. They were getting so aggressive with each other,” said Brundle, who believes Verstappen caused the incident.

“Max veered left towards him; he squeezed him out. Max will have to take the blame for that one, in my view. That was sort of Max reverting to early years Max, getting the razor blades on his elbows into the braking zones. I don’t know how those plane journeys, dinners and gaming is going to go between Verstappen and Norris now. That’s taken a turn, hasn’t it?”

Anthony Davidson agrees with Brundle and says that Norris would have won if they hadn’t crashed. “For me, this was the move that was going to win Lando the race as he had forced his opponent off line, properly off line,” Davidson explained.

Fans might think this crash changed everything for both drivers.

“He was on the proper racing line, he was behind on the DRS detection to then slingshot to be back on the inside of the exit and challenge down to Turn Four,” Davidson continued. “If you move to the inside, you have to give a full Formula 1 car’s width to the white line at the edge of the track. There’s not a car’s width.”

What do you think about this? Was it really all Max’s fault?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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