Spanish Media React to Verstappen’s Win: ‘A Gift from McLaren’ Called a ‘Disgrace’

The Spanish media are not happy with McLaren’s strategy at the Spanish Grand Prix.

They think McLaren handed the win to Max Verstappen, even though he didn’t have the fastest car.

McLaren’s Strategy and Verstappen’s Win

“McLaren put Lando Norris on a strategy nobody understood,” Marca writes. This gave Verstappen an uncatchable lead. Fernando Alonso had already predicted that Verstappen would win the championship this season.

“The McLaren strategist made a big mistake by letting Norris stay out for eight more laps after Verstappen pitted,” they added. “The car is fast, but McLaren lacks quick decision-making because they haven’t fought for wins in years. It’s a shame.”

Norris Had a Faster Car But Still Lost

AS noticed that Red Bull Racing’s dominance might be ending but saw McLaren waste a chance at victory. “The pole-sitter had the best car on Sunday,” AS stated. “But it will be hard to fight for the title if he finishes behind despite having a faster car than Red Bull.”

Mundo Deportivo praised Verstappen, making an interesting comparison: “Bruce Springsteen was supposed to attend Spain GP but didn’t show up. It didn’t matter because ‘The Boss’ was there anyway: Max Verstappen.” They called him the king of today’s grid, saying he proves his greatness no matter how close his rivals get.

Fans might think this news is both exciting and frustrating.

“Max always makes the difference with his skill, strength, intelligence, speed, and calmness,” Mundo Deportivo continued. “He never fails and works perfectly with his team and car every week.” They highlighted his 61st F1 win at age 26 and how it increased his championship lead to 69 points.

What do you think about McLaren’s strategy?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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