Stroll Thrilled by Newey Hype: ‘That Would Be Absolutely Awesome’

Lance Stroll is staying with Aston Martin on a new multi-year contract. Despite the team’s struggles in 2024, he remains optimistic about driving a car designed by Adrian Newey.

Rumors are swirling that Aston Martin wants to sign Adrian Newey. Stroll is excited about this possibility, saying, "That would be pretty f** awesome. He’s the GOAT [greatest of all time]. He’s got more championships than anyone in this paddock." He believes everyone would want Newey on their team.

Stroll thinks it’s possible for Newey to join Aston Martin. "We have a super exciting wind tunnel being built and an amazing campus," he said. "All the tools that a team needs to be really competitive are here."

Would Newey choose Aston Martin over Ferrari?

Stroll feels confident that his team could attract Newey over Ferrari. "You’ve got to ask Adrian that question," he remarked, but added that their new facilities and tools make them very appealing.

"He has the vision and passion to be at the front," Stroll continued. "Lawrence is putting his heart into this project, giving us everything we need to bring something special to the racetrack."

Fans might wonder if this move will finally push Aston Martin ahead in future races.

With all these changes happening, what do you think?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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