Stroll’s Wrong-Way Drive Before United States GP

Aston Martin’s weekend at the United States Grand Prix has been plagued with issues, including brake problems, a retirement from Stroll, and a violation of Parc Ferme rules that resulted in starting from the pit lane.


Lance Stroll made a mistake prior to the United States Grand Prix.
‣ Aston Martin had a poor weekend with brake issues.
Fernando Alonso failed to escape Q1.
‣ Aston Martin broke Parc Ferme rules and will start in the pit lane.

Lance Stroll’s unfortunate mistake prior to the United States Grand Prix has caught the attention of FIA, who will be investigating the situation after the race. Despite starting from the pit lane, Stroll drove to the grid, which is a violation of the rules. This error could have consequences for the Canadian driver.

Meanwhile, Aston Martin has been experiencing a string of setbacks throughout the weekend. The team came to Austin with a range of new updates, hoping for a strong start in the practice session. However, their plans were thwarted as they faced brake problems, preventing them from completing a substantial number of laps.

The struggles continued during the qualifying session when Fernando Alonso failed to make it out of Q1. Things went from bad to worse for Aston Martin as Lance Stroll retired from the sprint race on Saturday due to additional brake issues. These unfortunate incidents have significantly hampered Aston Martin’s performance this weekend.

Adding to their troubles, Aston Martin also broke Parc Ferme rules overnight. As a result, they are forced to start the race from the pit lane, facing further challenges and complications. This will undoubtedly have an impact on their overall performance and chances of achieving a favorable result.

Considering the series of issues faced by both Lance Stroll and the Aston Martin team, it’s evident that they have encountered numerous obstacles that need to be addressed. Only time will tell how these setbacks will affect their race and what consequences Lance Stroll may face following the FIA investigation.”

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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