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Mercedes, after a challenging start to the season and a disappointing performance in China, is preparing for the Miami Grand Prix with the hope of a stronger showing, backed by small upgrades and a focus on optimizing the car, as emphasized by team boss Toto Wolff.


‣ Mercedes has had a challenging start to the season, with a particularly disappointing performance in China, and is looking to improve in the upcoming Grand Prix in Miami.

‣ Toto Wolff, Mercedes team boss, acknowledges the team’s underperformance in China due to excessive set-up changes and aims for a stronger showing in Miami with the introduction of the season’s first small upgrades.

‣ Wolff emphasizes the importance of not repeating the mistakes made in China and is focused on optimizing the car’s performance for better results in Miami.

‣ The promotional activities in New York, including Lewis Hamilton driving his race car down Fifth Avenue and the takeover of the Empire State Building, highlight the growing impact of Formula 1 in the USA and Mercedes’ efforts to capitalize on this growth.

Mercedes has hit a rough patch right out of the gate this season. They’re itching to leave that behind. Especially after a letdown in China, the team’s eyes are now on the U.S., prepping for a sprint that feels like a fresh start.

Oh, and speaking of starts, they’re not just aiming for any comeback. It’s the second sprint of the year, but their very first race on American turf.

### Wolff’s got no time for déjà vu

China was a bust. George Russell and Lewis Hamilton? They barely caught a glimpse of the podium. Now, with the Miami Grand Prix on the horizon, Mercedes is in full gear-up mode. Toto Wolff, the team boss, didn’t mince words about China. “Our performance? Not what we hoped for. Too many tweaks before Qualifying threw us off,” he admitted. Despite the hiccups, Russell and Hamilton managed to snag some points.

Miami’s different, Wolff insists. No repeats of China, thank you very much. “Miami’s our chance to shine, to dial everything in just right. We’re even rolling out our first upgrades of the season,” he said, hopeful.

### A bit of dazzle in the Big Apple

Before Miami, though, Wolff and Hamilton took a detour to New York. Why? A bit of glitz and glam with WhatsApp. Hamilton cruising down Fifth Avenue in his race car? Check. Lighting up the Empire State Building? Double check. “It’s all about making waves in the U.S.,” Wolff shared, excited about the sport’s growing footprint.

So, as Mercedes gears up for Miami, it’s clear they’re not just racing on the track. They’re racing to make an impact, to turn the season around. And maybe, just maybe, to leave a bit of their heart in the U.S. along the way.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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