Tech Analysis: How the Hungarian GP Might Transform This Season

The Mercedes team surprised everyone with their strong performance in Austria, and they continued to impress at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Mercedes: How Cold Weather Boosted the W15

Mercedes’ W15 car performed exceptionally well on Silverstone’s smooth track. Engineers set the car low and stiff, generating lots of downforce for high-speed corners. The low temperatures helped manage engine and tire heat better, which Lewis Hamilton mentioned after qualifying: “I think the car felt great it was just about getting the tyre temperatures at the right place.” All these factors made them unbeatable in both qualifying and race stints. Hamilton’s ability to maintain tire performance until the end without a big drop-off like Norris showcased their advantage.

Looking ahead, Mercedes plans to bring upgrades to Hungary in two weeks. If successful, they might consistently challenge McLaren and Red Bull for wins across different tracks and conditions. Fans are excited about this potential three-way battle for victories!

McLaren: Fast Car, Poor Race Execution

McLaren had a fast car but struggled with race execution. They brought a new engine cover and low downforce rear wing to Silverstone, making their MCL38 quick in all sectors. However, they switched to a medium downforce setup by Saturday due to changing weather conditions.

This change helped Piastri and Norris during rain spells but stressed their tires towards the end of the race. Team principal Andrea Stella admitted that choosing soft tires over mediums was a team decision that cost them dearly. He also noted that different cars were fastest at different times during the race, making it hard to judge overall speed.

Stella’s comments highlight McLaren’s need for better race strategy if they want to compete with Red Bull and Mercedes consistently.

Red Bull: Struggling with ‘Correlation Problems’

Red Bull is now heavily reliant on Verstappen as their RB20 isn’t as competitive as earlier in the season. They introduced a new floor design at Silverstone but didn’t see expected improvements; Verstappen struggled with overheating front tires during his first stint.

Verstappen emphasized needing more from his team since they’re not currently fastest: ”On those mediums, the front tyres immediately got way too hot… I could no longer attack in fast corners.” Despite recent aero upgrades failing expectations due to “correlation problems,” Red Bull needs time-consuming tests using old cars or sensors during practices before fitting new components confidently.

If unresolved soon enough though—especially ahead of 2025 developments—their lead might be threatened by rivals like Mercedes or McLaren!

Ferrari: Long Road Ahead

Ferrari faced difficulties at Silverstone while testing between Barcelona’s package versus Imola’s one aiming solutions against high-speed porpoising issues; Sainz used an older version whereas Leclerc tried upgraded SF-24 resulting poorly despite smoother asphalt causing bottoming out frequently through Copse & Becketts forcing control snaps each lap!

Forecasted rain led switching back old setups balancing stability over competitiveness medium speeds ultimately finishing Spaniard P5 post-race interviews acknowledging lost performance gains past months vital upcoming races finding solutions requiring redesigned underfloor materials handling higher speeds avoiding further delays catching top teams moving forward next few months crucially essential progress swiftly ensuring solid packages sooner rather than later!

Another thrilling weekend concluded marking diverse winners across recent races hinting potentially exhilarating second half season introducing innovative technical advancements starting Hungary onwards! What do you think will happen next?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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