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Sergio Perez, the Red Bull driver, celebrated notable successes in his career with remarkable victories at Azerbaijan 2023, Monaco 2022, and Sakhir 2020, showcasing his skill and resilience in Formula 1 racing.


‣ In Azerbaijan 2023, Sergio Perez had a standout weekend, winning both the sprint race and the main race, marking the first time he achieved both victories in a single weekend.

‣ During the Monaco 2022 race, amidst challenging weather conditions and strategic pit stops, Perez managed to secure his third career victory after a critical decision to switch to medium tires during a red flag period.

‣ At the Sakhir 2020 Grand Prix, Perez demonstrated remarkable resilience by recovering from last place to win the race, marking his first ever race victory in Formula 1.

Oh, what a day it was for Sergio Perez as he celebrated another trip around the sun. The Red Bull ace hit 34, blending experience with the same fiery passion he’s known for. Despite the rollercoaster ride with Red Bull, Perez has had his moments of glory, shining bright on the track. And, oh boy, GPBlog has cherry-picked three races that are nothing short of legendary for Perez.

### Baku, a city of dreams in 2023
Imagine this: the streets of Baku, the air thick with anticipation. Perez, our man, was on fire that weekend. Not only did he clinch the sprint race from second place, but he also aced the main race. Picture this: lap eight, DRS zone, Perez zooms past Leclerc like a bolt of lightning. Fast forward, and there he is, starting the main race in third but not for long. Thanks to a perfectly timed pit stop by Verstappen and a sneaky Safety Car, Perez found himself leading the pack. And he didn’t just win; he left Verstappen trailing by 2.1 seconds, with the third-place contender not even in the same postcode, lagging by over 19 seconds. Talk about teamwork making the dream work!

### Monaco’s downpour in 2022
Now, let’s rewind to Monaco 2022. The heavens opened up, delaying the race for over an hour. Amidst the chaos, Ferrari secured a 1-2 start, with Perez lurking in third. A pit stop blunder had Leclerc fuming as he re-entered the race in fourth, right behind Perez. Then, drama unfolded as Mick Schumacher’s crash brought out the red flag. Red Bull played their cards right, switching to medium tires. Despite the pressure, Perez held his ground, clinching his third career victory. The celebrations that followed? Epic.

### Sakhir’s rollercoaster in 2020
Ah, the unforgettable Sakhir Grand Prix of 2020. A one-off race on a familiar yet distinct track layout, thanks to COVID reshuffling the deck. With Hamilton sidelined, Russell stepped in for Mercedes, and the grid saw some fresh faces. Perez, starting fifth, found himself at the back of the pack early on after a tangle with Leclerc and Verstappen. But that was just the beginning of an incredible comeback. By lap 50, after all pit stops, Perez was ninth. A Virtual Safety Car later, and he was fifth. Then, in a twist of fate, he overtook Russell, who suffered a puncture, to win the race. From last to first, Perez proved that in F1, anything’s possible.

Each of these races tells a story of resilience, strategy, and sheer talent. Perez, with his never-say-die attitude, continues to inspire and thrill fans worldwide. Here’s to many more electrifying races from the Mexican maestro.

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Albert Ramirez
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