Top Strategy for Spain: Essential Actions for Drivers

The Spanish Grand Prix is set to be a nail-biter with tyre strategy playing a crucial role.

Pirelli has outlined the optimal strategies for the race and updated on the tyres available for Lando Norris and his competitors.

Tyre Strategies for Spain

Temperature changes at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya will impact tyre performance, according to Pirelli. “As for tyre use in the race, one has to keep in mind the considerable drop in temperatures we saw today, particularly on the track surface, which was around ten degrees cooler than yesterday afternoon,” said Mario Isola. “While this drop did not have any significant effect over a flying lap, it could be an important factor tomorrow,” he added.

Pirelli predicts that a two-stop strategy will be the fastest. “On paper, the quickest strategy does indeed involve the use of two sets of C3 and one of C2. We can rule out a one-stop strategy because it’s too slow, but the idea of a four stint, three-stop race is not so far-fetched,” Isola explained.

How drivers manage their tyres during each stint will also play a crucial role in their performance. Teams have been meticulously working on this during practice sessions.

Fans might wonder if these strategies will lead to more exciting overtakes or just more pit stops.

What do you think about these predictions?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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