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The world of Formula 1 is buzzing with stories, even during a break week.

Rumors are swirling about Toyota talking to Haas F1 about a potential return to the sport. Plus, there’s chatter about the future of Carlos Sainz and Valtteri Bottas for the 2025 season.

Is Toyota Making a Comeback?

Toyota left F1 in 2009 after 139 starts and 13 podiums. They’ve since shined in the World Endurance Championship, winning six WEC driver and team titles and five straight Le Mans races from 2018 to 2022. Now, they might be eyeing a return to F1.

Talks have started between Toyota and Haas. The idea is for Haas to use Toyota’s facilities, which could be a new way for Toyota to make money without directly building the cars. Rob Leupen from Toyota Racing shared his thoughts: “What did Formula 1 bring Toyota at the time, apart from a nice factory? A lot of money went through to make Toyota’s name better known. I think in WEC we can show more what Toyota does, what the brand stands for.”

Bottas Squashes Mercedes Rumors

There’s uncertainty around many drivers’ futures for 2025, including Valtteri Bottas. He hasn’t extended his contract with Sauber yet, leaving fans wondering what’s next as Sauber transitions to Audi in 2026.

Some speculated he might go back to Mercedes if Lewis Hamilton leaves. But Bottas told Mirror Sport he’s not interested: “I want something multi-year with a clear plan for the years ahead and work together for that time… If I just do one year, then you’re back to square one again.” At the British Grand Prix, he mentioned he’s hopeful his contract situation will be sorted before summer break: “I think it’s possible. That’s the target.”

Fans probably think this puts an end to any Mercedes comeback talk.

Sainz Linked with Williams

Carlos Sainz’s future is also up in the air after news broke that Lewis Hamilton would join Ferrari in 2025 alongside Charles Leclerc. This left Sainz without a seat at Ferrari.

While there were rumors about him joining Audi or Mercedes, those have quieted down recently. Instead, whispers about him moving to Williams have grown louder. Both sides have talked openly about their mutual interest.

James Vowels from Williams has praised Sainz as a “world-class driver” and sees him as vital for their long-term plans alongside Alex Albon: “What is more important is that whatever decision we come to or whatever driver the decision comes to, it is about forging a long-term relationship with each other,” Vowles said at Silverstone.

What do you think will happen next?

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