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Due to internal issues at Red Bull Racing, many employees are considering opportunities with other F1 teams, with McLaren and Mercedes receiving a high number of CVs from Red Bull personnel, amidst discussions of key figures like Adrian Newey leaving and Max Verstappen in talks with Mercedes, while Mercedes’ Toto Wolff expresses a focus on developing internal talent rather than actively seeking Red Bull staff.


– ‣ The turmoil within Red Bull Racing has led to a significant interest from its employees in other F1 teams, with McLaren CEO Zak Brown and Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff both reporting a high number of CVs received from Red Bull personnel.
– ‣ The situation surrounding Christian Horner at Red Bull Racing has caused unrest, prompting team members to explore their options, including Adrian Newey’s decision to leave and Max Verstappen’s talks with Mercedes.
– ‣ Toto Wolff, while acknowledging the influx of CVs from Red Bull staff, expresses a desire to focus on developing Mercedes’ own talent, particularly on the engineering side, rather than getting involved in Red Bull’s internal issues.
– ‣ Wolff remains non-committal about Adrian Newey’s potential impact on Mercedes, recognizing Newey’s iconic status in the sport but noting uncertainty about his future plans.

Oh boy, Red Bull Racing’s got a bit of a storm brewing, huh? Seems like their crew’s eyes are wandering. Over at McLaren, Zak Brown’s inbox is overflowing with CVs from the Red Bull gang. And guess what? Toto Wolff from Mercedes is singing the same tune.

Now, why’s everyone looking for an exit? Well, Christian Horner’s been stirring the pot over at Red Bull Racing, making waves for a while now. It’s got folks thinking about jumping ship. Adrian Newey’s already got one foot out the door for next year. And Max Verstappen? He’s flirting with Mercedes.

### Wolff sees many CVs of Red Bull personnel coming in

Toto Wolff, he’s seen it all before. CVs piling up from Red Bull staff. But, honestly? He’s trying to stay out of the drama. “It’s business as usual,” he says. People move around; it’s the nature of the beast. Wolff’s more like, “Let’s not get caught up in the Red Bull soap opera.”

But don’t think Wolff’s just sitting there, twiddling his thumbs. Nope. He’s got his eyes on the prize, focusing on beefing up his own team’s talent. “We’ve got our own fish to fry,” he implies, aiming to snag some top-notch engineers. And about Adrian Newey joining the Mercedes crew? Wolff plays it cool, “Adrian’s a legend, but who knows what’s next?”

In a nutshell, Red Bull’s got a bit of a situation. Their folks are looking elsewhere, and the big dogs like McLaren and Mercedes are watching closely. But for Wolff? It’s all about keeping his team on top, with or without Red Bull’s wandering stars.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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