Updated F1 Constructors Standings After Disqualifications: McLaren Advances

Red Bull Racing scored the most points at the United States Grand Prix, with Max Verstappen‘s victories contributing significantly to their lead in the F1 World Championship standings among constructors, surpassing teams such as Mercedes and Ferrari, while McLaren has also passed Aston Martin in the standings.


‣ Red Bull Racing scored the most points at the United States Grand Prix.
‣ McLaren has passed Aston Martin in the F1 World Championship standings.
‣ Red Bull Racing has accumulated 704 points so far in the championship.
‣ The top four teams in the F1 World Constructors’ Championship are Red Bull Racing, Mercedes, Ferrari, and McLaren.

Red Bull Racing Dominates United States Grand Prix, Extending Their Lead in F1 World Championship

In an impressive display of skill and dominance, Red Bull Racing emerged as the highest-scoring team at the United States Grand Prix. With 47 points earned, they further solidified their position as the world champions and widened the gap between them and the other constructors in the F1 World Championship standings.

Max Verstappen played a pivotal role in Red Bull’s success, clinching victory in both the sprint race and the Grand Prix. His exceptional performances contributed to the team’s accumulation of 33 points, bringing their total to an impressive 704 points. Speaking about their triumph, Verstappen remarked, “It was a fantastic weekend for us. The car was working brilliantly, and the team executed our strategy perfectly.”

Meanwhile, Mercedes and Ferrari continued to battle fiercely, with only a narrow gap separating the two powerhouses. McLaren also made significant strides, surpassing Aston Martin in the standings. Led by the experienced duo of Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll, McLaren secured six points during the thrilling race weekend in Austin.

As for the overall F1 World Constructors’ Championship standings, Red Bull Racing’s dominance is unquestionable, with 706 points to their name. Mercedes trails behind with 344 points, while Ferrari closely follows with 322 points. McLaren’s remarkable progress places them in fourth position with 242 points, leaving Aston Martin in their wake, as they currently sit at 236 points.

With the conclusion of the United States Grand Prix, it becomes clear that Red Bull Racing is poised for an incredible season finale. Their exceptional performances, led by Max Verstappen, have propelled them to the forefront of the championship standings. The battle for supremacy among the constructors remains fierce, promising further excitement and drama in the races to come.

Albert Ramirez
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