Van der Garde Criticizes Visa Cash App RB for Inappropriate Name

Former Formula 1 driver and current analyst Giedo van der Garde has criticized the new name for AlphaTauri, Visa Cash App RB, stating that he doesn’t find it an appropriate name for a Formula One team.


‣ The new name for AlphaTauri, Visa Cash App RB, is causing a stir in the Formula 1 world.
‣ Giedo van der Garde, a former Formula 1 driver and current analyst, has expressed his dislike for the new name.
‣ Van der Garde believes that “Visa Cash App RB” is not an appropriate name for a Formula One team.
‣ He also doubts that the team will be remembered fondly in the future with this name.

AlphaTauri’s new moniker, Visa Cash App RB, is stirring up the Formula 1 world. It’s a hot topic. Giedo van der Garde, for instance, has chimed in. And he’s not exactly thrilled…

Van der Garde, once a Formula 1 driver himself, now an analyst at Viaplay, isn’t a fan of the name. He’s like, “I know I’ve just retired, so I don’t wanna sound like an old fogey saying ‘everything in the past was so much better.’ But, in my humble opinion, ‘Visa Cash App RB’ just doesn’t cut it for a Formula One team.”

He even tweeted about it. Check it out: – Giedo van der Garde (@GvanderGarde) January 24, 2024

But wait, there’s more. Van der Garde added in a follow-up tweet, “Anyway, maybe they’ll prove me wrong. But I don’t see us reminiscing in the future about that awesome team named Visa Cash App RB.”

Here’s that tweet: January 24, 2024

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