Vasseur Discusses CVs Including Those from Mercedes

Frederic Vasseur, Ferrari’s team principal, emphasizes his focus on internal team development and recruitment, including from Mercedes, rather than engaging in public conflicts with other F1 teams over personnel moves.


‣ Frederic Vasseur, Ferrari’s team principal, emphasizes his focus on internal team development over engaging in public conflicts with other teams, despite acknowledging that Ferrari is also recruiting personnel from rival teams including Mercedes.

‣ Vasseur expresses a desire to concentrate on improving Ferrari’s performance and infrastructure, stating the importance of recruitment and car development over public disputes with other team principals.

‣ Despite the ongoing public exchanges between Toto Wolff, Zak Brown, and Red Bull regarding the movement of personnel between teams, Vasseur prefers to remain uninvolved, suggesting the conflict is primarily between Wolff and Red Bull’s Oliver Mintzlaff, with Brown also participating.

Frederic Vasseur? He’s not here for the media spats. Over the weekend, the air was thick with gossip. Toto Wolff and Zak Brown, they’ve been chatting about the CVs flying in from Red Bull Racing. But Ferrari’s head honcho? He’s steering clear of the drama. Yet, he dropped a hint. Behind the scenes, they’re chatting with folks, even those from Mercedes.

Post-Miami Grand Prix, Vasseur spilled some tea. While not all details are public, Ferrari’s doors in Maranello are open. “We’ve got visitors,” he quipped. “From all over, including Mercedes.” But don’t expect him to broadcast it. He’s all about keeping it on the down-low. “Why waste energy on the wrong stuff?” he mused. According to him, Ferrari’s got a mountain of work. “Improving, recruiting, developing the car… We’re swamped,” he admitted. Fighting with peers? Not his cup of tea. “I’m not diving into that mess,” he declared.

On the Red Bull CVs kerfuffle

The weekend brought some buzz. Zak Brown and Toto Wolff, they’ve been peeking at CVs from Red Bull’s camp. Vasseur, though? He’s sitting this dance out. “Feels like Toto and Oliver [Mintzlaff] are the main characters here,” he observed. And Zak Brown? “He’s drafting behind,” Vasseur joked with a smirk.

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