VCARB Unveils Miami Grand Prix Livery

Visa Cash App RB, abbreviated as VCARB, has introduced a special tropical-themed ‘Chameleon Card’ livery for their cars, driven by Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda, for the Miami Grand Prix, featuring a shift from blue to pink and orange colors.


‣ VCARB has introduced a new livery named “Chameleon Card” for the Miami Grand Prix, featuring more tropical colors like pink and orange, moving away from their usual blue.

‣ The special livery change for the Miami GP is a strategic move to connect with fans and celebrate VCARB’s first race in the US, reflecting the team’s desire to progress and engage more deeply with the audience.

‣ VCARB’s CEO, Peter Bayer, expressed pride in the new livery and highlighted the partnership with Visa and Cash App as a means to bring people together in the sport through unique experiences.

‣ The launch of the Chameleon Card livery in Miami is part of a broader commitment by VCARB and its partners to the team and Formula 1, aiming to enhance the fan experience and showcase the team’s innovation on a global stage.

VCARB’s gearing up for Miami, and guess what? They’re bringing the tropics to the track. Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda’s ride? It’s ditching the usual blue for a splash of pink and orange. Talk about a summer vibe, right?

### VCARB’s Miami Makeover
So, Ferrari’s not the only one jazzing up their car for Miami. VCARB’s jumping on the bandwagon with a special livery named Chameleon Card. And boy, does Peter Bayer, the big boss at VCARB, sound thrilled. He’s all praises for this new look they’re flaunting this weekend.

“Visa Cash App RB’s Chameleon Card livery? It’s a knockout for our US debut. Post our Vegas launch, we’ve been on a roll, and now we’re taking fans on a wild ride. It’s all about moving forward and connecting, something Visa and Cash App get. They’re all about creating unmatched experiences in the sport,” Bayer gushes.

And it’s not just about the looks. This livery launch in Miami? It’s a testament to their commitment to F1 and the team. Bayer can’t wait to see the Chameleon VCARB01 hit the track.

### Catch VCARB’s Miami Look
Wanna sneak a peek at VCARB’s Miami livery? Click below. But remember, it’s all about the experience.

[See the Chameleon Card in action](

*Courtesy of Red Bull Content Pool*

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