Verstappen Criticizes RB20 Performance: ‘Was Going Nowhere’

The British Grand Prix was a rollercoaster for Max Verstappen, but he still finished second.

Verstappen shared his thoughts after the race, saying the medium tires overheated quickly, leaving him without grip in slow corners and unable to attack in fast ones. “Yes, it was going nowhere,” he told Viaplay. He feared finishing fifth or sixth at one point. “This is obviously not what you want.”

Strategy Saves the Day:

Both Verstappen and Red Bull nailed their strategy, which helped them secure second place. “Right calls. I said now we have to go to inters, so that was good,” he explained. Even though they were slow on those tires too, switching from intermediates to slicks at the right moment made a big difference.

Verstappen praised his team for making all the right decisions during the race. They put hard tires on his car when needed, which turned out well for him. “With a car that was too slow, eventually coming second and just taking all the right decisions as a team, then that’s the maximum,” he said.

The final jump in positions wasn’t due to Red Bull’s speed but because other cars had wrong tires on. “That’s more because of course they had the wrong tyre on the car.” If others had used hard tires too, Red Bull wouldn’t have stood a chance.

Fans might think this shows how crucial strategy can be in racing.

Looking ahead to Hungary, Verstappen knows there’s much work left to do. He admitted they’re not currently the fastest team out there. “Work to be done. We are really not the fastest at the moment.”

What do you think? Can they improve before Hungary?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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