Verstappen Demonstrates Copse Corner Attack in Stream: It’s Possible

Max Verstappen, while sim racing at Silverstone during the Real Racers Never Quit championship, joked about a previous crash he had with Lewis Hamilton at Copse Corner in 2021, and went on to finish first at Silverstone and Mugello.


‣ Max Verstappen, while sim racing at Silverstone, recognized a corner from a previous race in 2021 where he had a crash with Lewis Hamilton.
‣ Verstappen, despite the crash, was able to joke about the incident in a recent stream.
‣ The day was successful for Verstappen as he finished first at Silverstone and Mugello.

Max Verstappen, while sim racing at Silverstone, had a déjà vu moment. It was the second day of the Real Racers Never Quit championship. He spotted a corner that brought back memories.

Remember Copse Corner? Yeah, that one.

In 2021, Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton had a bit of a tussle there. They touched, and not in a good way. The result? Verstappen spinning into the wall at a speed that would make your head spin.

Verstappen’s Silverstone Flashback

The Red Bull driver hasn’t exactly erased that crash from his memory. But, guess what? Verstappen can now chuckle about it. He did so in his recent stream.

“Side-by-side through that corner? Yeah, it works,” he quipped. This was during his post-race interview, broadcast on Twitch.

And the day? It was a good one for Verstappen. He clinched first place at Silverstone and Mugello.

Want to see Verstappen’s jest about Copse Corner? Check it out below.

no tf he didn’t bye
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