Verstappen Gains from Trump in Miami: Unfazed by Distractions

Donald Trump attended the Miami Grand Prix, drawing significant attention, which Max Verstappen appreciated as it diverted attention away from him.


– ‣ Donald Trump attended the Grand Prix in Miami, drawing significant attention.
– ‣ Max Verstappen, a Red Bull Racing driver, commented positively on Trump’s presence, noting it diverted attention away from him.

Donald Trump hit Miami on a sunny Sunday. He wasn’t there to catch some rays, though. Nope. He was all in for the Grand Prix.

The scene? It was buzzing. Spectators everywhere. And guess who was among them? Yep, the US presidential hopeful himself.

Now, picture this: Max Verstappen, steering wheel in hand, ready to zoom. But the crowd? Their eyes weren’t glued to him. They were all about Trump.

So, Canal +, the French broadcaster, gets curious. They pop the question to Verstappen. “What’s the vibe like, with Trump stealing the spotlight?”

Verstappen? He just chuckles. “It’s cool,” he says. “Everyone’s busy watching him. Means they’re not pestering me!”

Talk about a silver lining, huh?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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