Verstappen Highlights Ongoing Issue at Red Bull: ‘It’s Been That Way for the Last Few Weekends’

Max Verstappen is okay with starting second behind Lando Norris after the Grand Prix in Spain. But he thinks Red Bull needs to work harder to keep up.

He’s pleased with the changes made before qualifying because, until then, the RB20 felt slower than other cars.

“I think maybe we had a bit too much downforce. But, of course, in hindsight, that is easy to say. Until qualifying, it just didn’t feel right, and the car felt too loose at the back, but we did eventually adjust that. And then you come up two hundredths short. That can happen,” he soberly replied to a question from Viaplay.

Verstappen Points Out Red Bull’s Weakness

He admits there’s still work for Red Bull: “The car [in qualifying] was just much better balanced throughout the whole corner and that made up for it, only we are still just coming up short. That’s actually been the case for the last few weekends. We just have to try to work on that.”

Despite this, Verstappen feels good about their pace in qualifying. “This year, I have to say that in qualifying it’s generally going very well. I feel very good in the car and I think so far almost all the laps in qualifying have gone very well. It’s just very close and we no longer have that supremacy we had,” he reiterated his earlier message.

Fans might think this news is a bit concerning for Red Bull’s future races.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned even with adjustments; life’s unpredictable like that!

What do you think? Can Red Bull bounce back?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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