Verstappen Loudly Booed on United States Podium

American fans showed their disapproval of Max Verstappen by booing and chanting in support of Sergio Perez after Verstappen’s victory in the United States Grand Prix.


‣ Max Verstappen is not popular among American fans
‣ The majority of the crowd supported Sergio Perez
‣ Verstappen received loud boos during his victory celebration
‣ Fans chanted ‘Checo, Checo’ in support of Perez

Max Verstappen’s victory at the United States Grand Prix may have been a significant milestone in his career, but it seems that he still struggles to win over American fans. Despite securing his 50th Grand Prix win in Formula 1, Verstappen faced a chorus of boos from the majority of the crowd, who were clearly showing their support for his teammate Sergio Perez.

As Verstappen stood on the podium and raised the trophy, the broadcast picked up the loud jeers coming from the spectators. This negative reception was a stark contrast to the joyous atmosphere that usually accompanies such a momentous achievement in the sport. The booing was further amplified during the playing of the national anthem, as fans chanted ‘Checo, Checo’ in solidarity with Perez.

It is no secret that boos have become a common occurrence in Formula 1 in recent years, and both Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have been on the receiving end of them. The reasons behind this animosity are complex and varied, but it is clear that Verstappen’s aggressive and uncompromising driving style has divided opinion among fans.

Verstappen’s response to the crowd’s reaction was measured and respectful. In a post-race interview, he acknowledged the mixed reception, saying, “You can’t force people to like you, it’s all part of the sport.” Despite the boos, Verstappen remains focused on his own performance and achieving victory, rather than seeking popularity among the fans.

It is worth noting that not all American fans harbor ill feelings towards Verstappen. Many recognize his talent and appreciate his fierce competitiveness on the track. However, the boos serve as a reminder that winning over an entire fanbase is a challenge that even the most skilled drivers face.

In summary, Max Verstappen’s recent victory at the United States Grand Prix was met with a chorus of boos from American fans, who showed their support for his teammate Sergio Perez instead. This reaction highlights the divisive nature of Verstappen’s driving style and serves as a reminder that winning over a fanbase is no easy task. As Verstappen continues to strive for success, he remains focused on his own performance rather than seeking universal popularity.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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